About Us

Anubhav Dairy Is To Be Established On August 2023 From Ashta Madhya Pradesh, Full Name Of Anubhav Dairy Is Anubhav Dairy & Service Marketing Pvt Ltd, Our Aim Is To End The Growing Milk Shortage And Rising Unemployment In India. Along With This, It Is To Provide Better Prices To Small Milk Producers Of Villages And Cities And To Provide Better Quality Milk, Ghee And Almost All Products Made Of Milk To The Customers Sitting In The City At Reasonable Prices. This Is A Very Commendable Step Taken By Anubhav Dairy, Through Which The Possibility Of Employment Will Increase In The Village And The City. Anubhav Dairy Will Boost Its Business With Its Better Experience And A Better Management, Anubhav Dairy Makes Small MCP Milk Collecting Points In Villages And Cities To Increase Its Business, As Well As MDP For Milk Distribution In The City Through Milk Distribution Point, Customers Have To Sell Better Quality Milk And All Milk Products Like Ghee, Milkpaneer, Khoya Ice Cream Etc. Anubhav Dairy Makes Its Small Channel Partners In Cities And Villages To Promote Its Business. Brand Anubhav Dairy Sources A Significant Portion Of Its Requirement Of Liquid Milk From Dairy Cooperatives And Village Level Farmer Centric Organizationsthe Company Is Committed To Maintaining Institutional Structures That Empower Milk Producers And Farmers Through Equitable Processes. A Significant Portion Of Its Income Is Plowed Back Into The Value Chain To Keep The System Thriving.

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